It Quacks (in development)

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Role: Lead Programmer, Game Design, Level Design

Anatidaephobia - The fear that somewhere, somehow, you are being watched. By a duck.

Trapped in a nightmare high school. Surrounded by creatures that personify your deepest, darkest fears: ducks. You must defend yourself the only way you know how ... throw bread at them. Hide. Find bread. Survive.

Inspired in equal parts by games such as Resident EvilMetal Gear Solid, and Hitman GO, this is a stealth/puzzle hybrid in which the player has only two means of defense against the hellish ducks: hide, or throw bread at them.

Concept by Andrew Benson, Danny Dang, & Orien Longo

Programming by Andrew Benson & Danny Dang

Art Design by Danny Dang & Orien Longo

Created in Unity 5, written in C Sharp


As this is a much larger game, it is not hosted online at the moment. Feel free to contact me to grab a copy!]

Role: Lead Programmer, Game Design, Level Design, Story

KINDLING is the product of "After the Fact" -- an assignment in which we were tasked to tell a story via the environment. The goal of KINDLING is not so much to win as it is to explore the environment and discover as much as you can about what has happened in the world around you -- think of it as a mystery, with clues all around just waiting to be discovered.

The original prompt reads: "Something happened here; what does the scene look like? What clues you into what happened? Create a story without using any text or dialogue. Allow the player to explore the “space” you create using a game engine."

Concept by Andrew Benson, Keiji Kimura, Orien Longo, Dennis Paramonov, & Simon Yang

Programming by Andrew Benson

Art Design by Keiji Kimura, Orien Longo, & Simon Yang

Sound Design by Dennis Paramonov

Created in Unity 5, written in C Sharp

fishing gone

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In an attempt to teach younger children about global warming, climate change, and the world they're going to find themselves growing into, I createdfishing gone.

Illustrated exclusively by children (ages 5-9), this sidescrolling runner sees a polar bear traversing the arctic in search of food for themselves and their cubs... Over time, however, food will become more scarce and garbage will begin to take its place, and the ice platforms that create the bear's safety will begin to melt away into the rising sea.

Developed by Andrew Benson (and his little cousins, who graciously accepted payment in the form of pizza and ice cream)

Made in Unity 5, Written in C Sharp

Yes, Master

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Role: Game Design, Programming, Story/Script

Imagine waking up one day to the realization that your entire reality exists within a video game world. With limitless power and possibilities, what would you do? How far would you go? These are the questions explored in YES, MASTER; the story of one man’s transformation from standard NPC to video game hero, or something else entirely.

YES, MASTER explores the ideas of control and unspoken desires of gamers everywhere. Video games are about controlling an avatar, a car, pieces of a puzzle, etc. Players do this to have fun and experience things that simply don’t occur in everyday life, be it flying with a jet pack or engaging in a rage-fueled firefight through city streets. But maybe there a cost to violence for the sake of fun, even when simulated within the confines of a video game world.

Game Design & Story by Andrew Benson, Laurenz Rau & Leônidas Pereira

Programming by Andrew Benson & Laurenz Rau

Art by Laurenz Rau

Sound Design by Leônidas Pereira

Soundtrack by Alex Scisse & Alex Talarico

Voice Over by Alex Scisse

Built in Unity 4, written in C Sharp



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ETCH-A-SNAKE ( is a fun twist on the classic Snake game play. Meant more as an artistic tool than an actual game, ETCH-A-SNAKE uses visual and audio effects in a way that allows users to create fun sketches in a surprisingly addicting manner. This is still a work in progress, and will be updated throughout the next foreseeable future (hopefully with a mobile version coming very soon).


Arrows - Move

QWERTY-ASDFG-ZX - Color Selection (Space to cycle through)

1234 - Size Selection

P - Pause (Toggle movement on/off)

Created by Andrew Benson

Written in JavaScript


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Role: Game Design, Programming

NIGHT LIGHT is an experiment in cooperative gaming. Two players engage in a single mission: navigate through a hellish maze and survive the horrors within. The catch: both players see the world through a single perspective.

In this pitch black world, the lone source of light comes from a tiny illuminated companion, controlled by Player 2 via the arrow keys. Likewise, the only window into the world comes from Player 1's perspective. Player 1 controls the main avatar through typical 1st person navigation (mouse, WASD, space to sprint). Both players rely on the other in order to see the world around them and avoid any ghoulish enemies lurking in the dark. Will both players stick together under the safety of light and sight? Or will one player break off from to lure away an enemy, leaving the other lost and alone in the dark... These were the questions asked and concepts explored during the development of this experimental project.

Game Design Design by Andrew Benson, Johnny Dunn, Jasmine Martinez & Laurenz Rau

Programming by Andrew Benson & Laurenz Rau

Interface by Jasmine Martinez

Sound Design by Johnny Dunn

Created in Unity 4, written in C Sharp